Monday, June 29, 2009

Nobody Else

I was used to you and me,

Walking side by side...

Talking ‘bout our hopes and dreams,

Staring at the skies.

Like stars, your eyes are shining bright

Emerald green… such a pretty sight

You seem to be walking on the clouds

“Why?” I want to ask aloud.

But the question inside just bubbled up

And then brewed like decease.

I want to know, “Are you in love?”

But my mouth just couldn’t speak

I can’t tell I like you more

‘Cause to you, I’m just a friend

My emotions will burst into flames-

Hey! Why are you calling me sweet names?

Here I am, out of control

Of my pent up feelings for you

And my words just stumbled out about.

“I need someone I can’t live without.”

With those words I want to hit

My own self as you laughed a fit.

I blushed, embarrassed at that slip

Shocked at your surprising grip…

You ran your fingers through my hair.

My heart thudded, I gulped some air.

I looked at your face all aglow

With confession that you already know.

You held my hand, said with a voice

That you’ve never ever put to use

“So you’re looking for someone else to love you?

Oh well, let’s start anew.”

As I stood there, speechless, you continued:

“I hope that you could see

That the person you love that loves you

Is nobody else but me.”