Monday, June 15, 2009


Tonight, I see clusters of stars,
And I ignore those past scars
That brought pain into my heart
Like it's been hit with a dart.

I seek for that special star.
Finding it from afar,
I marvel at it's rarity,
Awestruck at it's familiarity.

My mind steers clear
To let me dream of my cavalier.
I stare at that twinkling light
"Is he coming tonight?"

I wish and hope.
As if feeling myself grope,
I wait for the star to fall,
Beg it with a silent call.

One wish: that's all.
"Please, little star, just fall."
I can't wait forever.
I have only now, however.

I just want my perfect match.
My dream, I want to catch,
But I know it is impossible.
For my star is still unreachable.



Juliet said...

deo! Nice au imo blog! Char jud kaayo.. La pa nako nabasa imo mga works but i'll find time..