The pen name was born when a girl of fifteen started to dream of writing her own blog. She believes that she can create a world that is hers entirely when she writes about anything. Although this blog consists of posts mostly about human emotions depicted through experiencing love, loss, pain, and angst, it does not necessarily hold that all of the posts here are true. For most of the pieces, the author has put herself in the shoes of other people surrounding her. However, it doesn't mean that she has not exactly felt what she has written in this blog. Most of them are based on the firsthand experiences of her friends and quite a few are the pains and triumphs she has felt herself.

I do hope you, dear reader, finds enjoyment in the browsing of the posts as much as I have enjoyed reading and writing them. I am twenty-three years old now, still dreaming and being as hopeless romantic as I was when I had first written my thoughts in this site.

Just like any other writer, I do hope that you would respect my works as they are entirely my own. Please refrain from plagiarizing them.

Thanks for dropping by!




PS. Do feel free to tell me what you think and I will reply to you as soon as I am able.