Friday, November 25, 2005

Someone Else's Heart

A hundred teardrops fell
And countless days had come to night
Dreams had flown and gone
When I saw you with someone
A fragile heart had broke
And fantasies had ended
I never thought that I’ll last
In a world where true love goes out fast
Days weeks and months passed me by
I realized we’re not meant to be
I said to myself that I can’t have you
And we have many differences too
I sought again for love
And love came when I least expect it
I found it real in old fate’s hand
I found it true in someone else’s heart...

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

This Love's All I Take

1st Stanza:

As the sun sets down,
Hiding from the mountains,
I know my memories would drown,
With you, your face, your smile...

2nd Stanza:

As I go to sleep at night,
Thousands of stars twinkling from the sky,
I know I’ll be alright,
'Cause you are on my mind...


I wish one day you’ll notice me,
And then someday we’ll surely be,
But my heart broke into pieces


I saw you with someone.
She sure looks happy,
Her eyes were bright.
I wish I’m on her place instead,
And look deep in your eyes.
I wish I’m there to comfort you,
When you are feeling blue,
But then one day, I realized,
That this love's all I take...

3rd Stanza:

As I feel the soft breeze of the air,
I knew it was you,
With sweet thoughts of love for me,
But soon found out it’s just a fantasy...

(Repeat Refrain and Chorus)


(Repeat Chorus)


Behind Every Dream


In my dreams I see your face,
Occupying each and every space.
The love I feel inside my heart,
Would always never break apart.

I will sing for you a song,
I have written for so long,
And with my heart I will abide,
To dream of you here by my side.

I remembered on the first of May,
Things went different on that day.
You said your feelings to me,
With all the trees and birds to see.

Now we’re together,
Never thinking our love could be over.
All this love you will find,
If you could only read my heart and mind.

But behind every dream someone might suffer,
And dreams would often shatter,
But behind all it there’s always you.

You, who made my dreams come true...