Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Where Are You?

Why can't we have that perfect love story we deserve?
We've been through so much...sacrificed a lot, suffered more than enough,
Can't we be happy for once?
And get what is rightfully ours?
Or are we just not allowed to?
Why do we have to suffer a lot of pain, cry lots of bitter tears?
Is it meant to teach us, to let us know that life's not so fair?
We’re tired of waiting...
Coz we've spent forever waiting and hoping....
Hoping for that day, for our happy fairytale ending...
For the joys and laughter that they say true love would bring
But where is it now?
Has it gone? Or was it ever there to begin with?
Is it going to be late and short-lived like everything else that's good in this life?
Where are you?
That guy God made for me!
Show yourself....
I’m tired of waiting...and I won’t be here forever...and I know you won’t be too.
Do you really exist?
Would I still wait for that day you would hold me in your arms?
Would I still long for you, the guy who's meant to say to me "I love you?"
And mean it with all his heart and soul?
The guy who would tell me the kind of “I love you” that tells me... “You are my life”,
“You make my heart beat”
And “I will take care of you...”
The kind of “I love you” that will mean, "I’m not perfect but please, accept me...I am yours...”
Where are you? The guy, they said was destined for me?
Or are they just lying...?
Do I still have to wait for you?
To wait for the time fate would give you to me?
Or is fate playing tricks on us...?
Tell me, give me a sign that you are there
And I’ll survive every trick fate plays, every pain waiting could bring
Show yourself... Oh! I beg you to...Please...
Before I lose grip and let go...
Don’t let me give up
And don’t give up on me
Coz I love you
You make my heart beat
Make me survive this hell without you
I’m not perfect...but please, I’m yours and waiting
Claim me...accept me
My heart...my love...
All of me...

~anamellie and heavenceres~