Wednesday, November 8, 2006

I Choose Life


Life is weird and ironic

It often ends up tragic

A miracle may make a fairytale ending,

But we have to face trials or we’ll end up drowning…

Why is life so unfair,

Even if we stay in the safe lair?

Why do people cry,

And later on they just sigh?

Most people tend to smile,

Even if they are in exile

But why do people frown,

Even if they own a country and a crown?

Why is life like that?

Why do I feel so bad?

Isn’t life meant to be cherished,

Treasured, cared for, never left unnoticed?

Though life is weird and ironic indeed,

It is still planting your fate and future’s seed

I choose to live life, whatever the trials may be

I choose to live life, though others may not see…