Monday, September 24, 2007

The Melancholic Price

It was years since I last laid eyes on her.
Dreaming of her in this dark and ruthless chamber
I wish she’s still mine, but fate’s so unkind
My head’s in a swirl, cause she’s always on my mind…
I really tried to forget her
But no matter how I try
These tears would fill my eye
I wish she’s here with me, here with me to stay
And I would be in high spirits every day
But now she’s gone, and it’s only now,
I realized that I love her still somehow
But my once blissful heart is now throbbing with pain
I long to see her smile, I’m feeling insane
I know I’ve wounded her heart
And I’m saying sorry from the start
I’ve acted so dumb, I’ve been so foolish
I am so stupid, I’m even boorish
I wish she’ll forgive me, and she will stay
But I know, this the melancholic price I have to pay
But wherever she is, I hope she’ll know
That I still love her so much, I miss her so…