Thursday, November 15, 2007

Please Let Me Be Me

Once upon a time, I was born,

Born freely, and once strong.

You used to be my inspiration when I was small,

Even though you don’t seem to bother at all.

Everything you did, so much pleased me,

As if I was seeing a person so saintly.

I imitated you and I dream of being you.

When that time happens? I don’t have a clue…

You told me to follow everything you stated,

Even though my young mind knew, I would be different.

I was challenged by the things you’ve done,

And greeted my own dreams gone…

But all you did was put me down

And my eyes are my only weapon against your painful words

I cried lots of tears, when I started to realize

I couldn’t be like you...

I followed a road with a marked path

To be on the same end you have right now

Then, it was too late to discover that

I couldn’t be like you…

In my struggles to follow you,

I didn’t know how it was to be true

I became seriously mislead,

And the wide path is now narrow instead.

Please, let me be me…

Let me choose the path I wish to take.

Don’t give me markers on the winding path of life.

Make me discover the consequences it has…

You already had your turn in this journey,

Now it must end.

Please, don’t control my own…

Let me start anew…

And make me learn from my mistakes…