Tuesday, July 4, 2006

A Way to Live


Close your eyes and feel the breeze,
Climb into a hundred trees,
Feel the sunset on your face,
Hurry! Quicken up your pace!

Run into the deep dark forest,
Never fear, show courage the largest,
Fly into the highest cloud,
Shout into yourself so loud…

Reach the shining shooting stars,
Dance into the planet Mars,
Sing the tunes of sweet fairies,
They’re hiding through the lovely daisies…

Hold the moon into your palm,
It’s for you to overcome,
Chase the whales and sharks of sea,
Count how many do you see…

Light a candle in the dark,
See your shadow leave a mark,
Count the sands onto the shore,
I know you wouldn’t ask for more...

But here’s the last,
I know it’s fast.
Just feel the flow,
Of life’s unknown show.