Thursday, July 6, 2006

How Things Work

If I just didn’t see you,
Or laugh or wept for you,
Would my life be still the same?
Would I still believe in fate,
That each of us is said to have?
I’ve thought of happy endings,
But why don’t they exist?
I’ve thought of better fantasies,
And it hurts my heart to know,
That there’s no such thing like it…
Why can’t I just
erase it from my head?
Why can’t I realize
We’re not meant for each other?
Now, I’m in thought
Of what could have been…
And now, I’m thinking
Of how happy the scenes
We’ve together shared in my dreams,
But if each of us is destined to be happy,
Why am I crying?
Why does love have to stay,
For us to both grasp?
But then it moves so fast,
So we can’t just embrace and keep it…
Why does fate move away from us?
Our love is that bittersweet.
It swiftly flies even when we’re asleep.
Things turn out the way
We don’t expect them to.
This is how things work for me and you…