Sunday, July 9, 2006

Blue Rose

That's what your love is
"Rare as a blue rose," you told me
Rare as the promise you gave me

What rose you give, I
didn't care,
But you gave the blue for it is rare
I touch those roses I adore
As you put them near the house's door

But one day, no rose
No trace of you was seen by then
The promise you gave echoed inside of me
It broke my heart, shed all of me

A rare promise, a
rare rose,
A rare love that never grows
Why does a rose reflect the feeling that's bad?
You chose blue, it makes me sad

But whatever color a
rose may be
It always wilts and it fades so deep
Just like the love you promised me
It has now wilted like the rose I keep...



Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Is it a song? Or a poem? It really describes what I meant when I typed it 'wilted blue rose'.

anamellie said...

Thanks! :) I have been on hiatus for a long time now and I just read this comment and it is inspiring to know you like it. Blue rose is still a poem though. I was planning to turn it into a song.:)