Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Four Things

author's note: "the loser" (see previous post) from another point of view... :)


I never thought there would come a day that I would not mind being drenched by it. As I walked on the slippery steps at the pavement, I brought myself instinctively home- managing to survive with at least five cars almost running over me. Tonight, I'm in my own world; a world where red lights, fast vehicles and big puddles of water do not exist. The dreaded pickpockets are not even on my head where they usually do. This cold rainy night, I never expected to see you again.

Heartbroken. You looked at me and I was reminded of how you broke my heart when you ended your promise. You smiled at me as if nothing happened, and I wasn't able to understand why I still love you after going through the last goodbye. Why can't I understand how my heart is still aching after those years you've left me for good? I asked myself this as I cried the bitterest tears.

Wish. If I had one, I would have wanted not to love someone like you. As my heart is broken, my head is in tatters not knowing why I loved you... still love you. If I could only stop my heart from choosing you, I would have walked away without the painful lump on my throat. Is it really love that can't be explained? or is it just the stubborn idea of still setting my hopes up?

Dispute. My heart and my mind is contradicting with each other. If I could forget you, I would have already done it. But the screaming inside of me still continue to make my body shiver. My silent tears continue flowing, blending-in with the raindrops on my cheek as I look up the dark sky...