Friday, May 5, 2006

Never be the same

You used to say

We’d always be together

And my life would never be the same

With you around me...

You love me, you said

I closed my eyes

I have loved you for so long

Everything would never be the same...

Then those fragile promises

Started to be broken

You left me

Alone and hopeless

The sky darkened

Rain washed over my tear stained face

I shivered from the bitter cold

Why’d you have to leave me?

I felt like dying

Every bit of me was crushing

Those promises turned to pain

That can never be washed away by rain...

I’ll always be haunted

By the you that I once loved

The you who promised to be with me

Yet made everything around me collide...

I tried to make good memories without you

But yesterday was different

You were with me

It would never be the same again…

Why did you leave me?