Thursday, April 9, 2009


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So deafening that I could only hear my own heart.
Thud. thud. thud.
A steady beat
Heard as blood flowed through my veins.
Thud. thud. thud.
"Are you inside my heart?"

No answer, no whisper, nothing
Just the sound of the place I want him to be
My heart
which pumped the blood that traced
The soles of my naked feet.

For I stepped on the cold, damp earth
As it guarded the roots and trees
Of the deep dark forest

I ran-
Waiting to see the specks of light,
My hope, my chance
In a canopy of black.

I cried-
Cried the hardest.
Tears flowed down my tiny stream of tragedy,
Cause I'm lost in my own misery.

Someone please find me.
I'm screaming in agony,
For the place I want him to be,
But there was no reply.
He's never coming back,
And all I heard was
The last few beats of my heart
and then-