Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The One Who Caused Me This

You always give me a reason to smile
And deep inside,
You give laughter to my lonely heart
You dry up my tears drops gently,
Every time you’re here with me…

Every time I see you
All sadness disappears,
I suddenly feel happy,
And my heart keeps on asking me,
What is this I feel?

Why do I always miss you?
Why do I always long for you?
Deep in my heart, I always want to see you
Why doesn’t my mad feeling change?
Or why can’t it just disappear?

There’s a frantic beating of my heart
What is this I feel?
Is it really you, my love?
The person who had caused me this?
I don’t really understand…

Sometimes I feel totally confused,
And then I suddenly realize
My heart is still within me,
To tell me that it’s truly you,
The one who caused me this…